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DirectCrown® LLC, markets award-winning crown and bridge products. DirectCrown® LLC has patented products in adult temporary/provisional polycarbonate posterior and anterior crown shells, pediatric posterior and anterior crown shells, and polycarbonate posterior bridge shells. Recently introduced are the patented heat-and-pressure-cured resin crown shells in posterior and anterior shells, the DC2 crown system, for a more high esthetic and durable temporary/provisional crown. Our newest products, the DirectCrown® Natural 1 ™ crown system is a one-appointment long-term provisional crown manufactured of a heat-and-pressure-cured nano-hybrid composite material, to satisfy the low cost affordable crown needs of the dentists office...for college students, seniors, financially challenged and medically challenged patients. All of our crown and bridge products fit into the minimal invasive concept of dentistry. 

Dear Doctor,


We would like to introduce you to an innovative new product designed to increase your profits by over 300% and reduce your patient time by 75% ! With our unique temporary crown and bridge system, patient visits are cut to under one hour ! Furthermore, our system results in a more attractive, better functioning and more comfortable alternative for your patients.


Introduced in late 1999, DirectCrown LLC has gained recognition as the #2 (out of 100) best new chairside dental product in 2000 by Dental Products Report and again received the same distinction for the DirectCrown® LLC Bridge in 2001 .  Our products have gained a very favorable rating from our customers and for that we are grateful.  

Our temporization products include posterior and anterior crown forms for adult and pediatric applications, DirectCrown's® LLC patented mesial/distal crown form windows ensure tight fitting contacts which virtually eliminate final restoration adjustments!  Don't be fooled by some of the imitators in the market.  If the crown forms you're using don't have windows then they're not DirectCrown's® LLC.  Our popular temporary bridge system simplifies multiple unit temporization and functions fantastically while saving you time !


If temporary metal Ion Crowns from 3M are used in your practice, you should strongly consider trying DirectCrown® LLC.  Metal crowns have been around for decades but newer, more advanced and functional alternatives are now available.  Clinicians describe their experience with metal crowns as very difficult to install, poor fitting and difficult to trim.  Patients describe the experience similarly and often complain about the surface roughness and taste of the metal crown.  Poor fitting final restorations many times are caused by poor contact stabilization of adjacent dentition.  Some CDT's have commented that they have a 'moving" target to hit when metal temps are used because the adjacent teeth move!  


An excellent alternative to conventional temporary crowns and bridges, DirectCrown® LLC is a pre-formed shell made of a high impact flexible polymer. When filled with the DirectCrown® LLC resin and molded over the prepared teeth, the shell forms an extremely hard and wear-resistant temporary crown or bridge with excellent margins and contacts.

The liner material used can be either a standard bisacryl automix material or any acrylic, but we recommend using our quick-setting acrylic resin. When set, the resin and the DirectCrown® LLC shell literally become one bonded unit - strong, durable and comfortable for the patient .  Productivity and efficiency is a concern of dental practices today.  That is why so many offices are switching from the slow cure (5-8 minutes) acrylic resins to the DirectCrown® LLC alternative.  With the DirectCrown® LLC System, a 3 to 5 minute time savings is possible over conventional acrylic materials.  Industry experts have indicated that the time value per minute is between $4-6!  You are spending unnecessary time using other resin materials at a cost of $12 to $30 per temporization.


We are so confident our product will exceed your expectations, we would like to offer you a free evaluation kit . Complete the sign up sheet to receive your free evaluation of this incredible product and see for yourself how this easy-to-use product will greatly increase your productivity and profits ! All we ask is you commit to trying the product and ordering from us if you like it.  


We would like to earn the privilege of meeting and exceeding your expectations with our quality products. We offer a broader product line than in the past. Join the thousands of dental professionals like the ones mentioned above that are switching over to DirectCrown® LLC!


DirectCrown® LLC looks forward to serving you, and helping you to increase your profits with quality products!

Contact any of our staff at the office for product information or ordering assistance.




DirectCrown Products

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