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DirectCrown's® LLC product line is an excellent alternative to conventional temporary crowns and bridges. DirectCrown® LLC is a pre-formed shell made of a high impact flexible polymer. A patented mesial/distal "window" ensures the creation of tight fitting contacts. When filled with the DirectCrown® LLC resin and molded over the prepared teeth, contacts are activated and the resin/shell combines to form an extremely hard and wear-resistant restoration.

The DirectCrown® LLC System is compatible with a variety of acrylic resins and auto-mix bis-acryl materials. The liner material of choice, the DirectCrown® LLC resin, is a quick-setting acrylic mixture. It was specifically designed to reduce unproductive waiting time associated with the competitive acrylics used frequently in dentistry. (Time is money… why wait up to 7 minutes for a resin to cure when you don't need to!)

When the resin is set, the DirectCrown® LLC polycarbonate shell literally become one bonded unit - strong, durable and comfortable restoration for the patient.



  • Fabricate in less than 5 minutes…. Increased Productivity.

  • Stress free, easy fabrication technique and installation for dentist and dental assistants, improves morale.

  • Versatile... Can be used in wet or bloody environment. Can use a variety of liner materials. Great for veneers, implants multiple unit temporization.

  • Efficient… Eliminates the need for preliminary impressions.

  • Redo's are virtually eliminated because excellent margins and tight contacts minimize the shifting of teeth before permanent crown is placed.

  • Choice... A variety of pre-formed crown shells and bridges to select.

  • Esthetics... Translucent shells allow for esthetic shade matching to adjacent teeth.

  • High Patient Satisfaction... great fit and no metallic taste.

  • Economical alternative treatment for seniors, low income, non-insured patients and children.


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