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Pediatric Posterior - Opaque

Pediatric Posterior Refills - Opaque 8 per pkg.


Upper Molars

  • PC1 - SM RT
  • PC2 - LG RT
  • PC7 - SM LFT
  • PC8 - LG LFT

Lower Molars

  • PC3 - SM RT
  • PC4 - LG RT
  • PC5 - SM LFT
  • PC6 - LG LFT

Pediatric Posterior - Opaque

  • PC1 Upper Right Molar Small, PC2 Upper Right Molar Large, PC3 Lower Right Molar Small, PC4 Lower Right Molar Large, PC5 Lower Left Molar Small, PC6 Lower Left Molar Large PC7 Upper Left Molar Small, PC8 Upper Left Molar Large
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